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>> the heat wave is here temperatures soared into the 90's today and we will be dealing with the oppressive heat for much of the week. >> the heat wave wii has been talking abouthave been talking about has finally hit. >> temperatures across the area soared. it was up to 95 at o'hare midway and northerly island. even the presence of
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lake michigan did nothing to cool the temperatures downtown. what about temperatures tonight, it has improved a little but at o'hare airport is still hot and humid. 87 degrees is the current temperature. with temperatures close to 90 degrees still at midway airport the big problem today was two. temperatures, the moisture in the air has increased so much humidity around to deal with we dealt with key index temperatures over 100 degrees from time to time. there is a possibility this may break briefly tomorrow if thunderstorms develop, we will be talking about that later. that may be our only hope for briefly escaping the heat. >> for comment it could be the case of out of the frying pan and into the fire after a grueling week of trying to restore power to some 850,000 customers following last
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monday's storm, 100 percent of the outages have been resolved. and all the restoration price tag came at $80 million. it came from a downed tree limbs and downed utility poles. they will keep their emergency center open to cope with any emergencies. to help deal with the scorching temperatures chicago is opening its cooling center you can call 311 to find an air-conditioned facility near you. the illinois epa warns that the elevated ozone levels everyone is encouraged to avoid long and energetic outdoor exposure. >> spiritual leaders spoke to thousands of people here in chicago today. the daliai lama urged his audience to a concord religious intolerance. >> his holiness spoke to a
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packed house at the university of illinois chicago pavilion this afternoon one day after meeting with president barack obama in washington. hundreds including illinois gov. pat quinn listened on as the 76 year-old tibetan spiritual leader delivered a message of brit bridging the divide. some use bothbinoculars to watch to deliver his speech. he says moral principles are not rooted in religious beliefs but in the pursuit of happiness a desire all humans share. many of those in attendance today say it was a day of spiritual enlightenment. >> it was very interesting, he is definitely dynamic and someone that is worthy of seeing and i thought he had a lot of positive messages. am i was a great honor to be able to see him for the first time and see what his presence is like and how he presents and his
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universal messages are well received. >> before leaving he blessed several people by putting a white silk scarf around their neck and he was walked off the stage to a standing ovation. >> very moving and very powerful and very much a message for our time. we seem to be so divisive and again it was in from the concept of buddhism but rather wisdom. >> and during his speech today he also praised illinois for faulting on the death penalty. if you did not catch on here today you can catch him at millennium park. the starts and i did to our morning. >> a south suburban families
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mourning the death of a child who drowned this weekend in northwest indiana, a six year- old john at a beach during an outing with her family and friends, the little girl did not know how to swim and she was apparently trying to follow the older children into the water. she had just graduated from kindergarten and was about to start first grade. >> more police officers will be hitting the streets mayor rahm emanuel and police superintendent gary mccarthy announced 92 additional officers will be deployed on july 21st. 53 of those officers are recent graduates from the police academy, five of them were pulled from city hall duty and the rest will be reassigned from administrative jobs. >> we will not rest until we bring the level of safety that we need to our city in all of our neighborhoods and anybody
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within them. the mayor says these additional officers now bring the total to 750 more officers on the streets since he took office almost two months ago. he says he is not done and will continue to look for more places to trim officers so he could put more cops on the street. >> police shot and killed a 19 year-old man outside the south side club early this morning, police recalled around 1230 this morning and when they arrived they spotted a man with his arm around a woman's neck and a gun in his waistband. officers struggled with him along the woman to get away unhurt. he reached for the gun during the struggle and that is when an officer shot and killed him. >> two men are facing charges and a stabbing attack in the lake view neighborhood, a 26
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year-old will appear in court tomorrow charged with felony aggravated battery and felony drug possession. the second suspect is a 23 year-old charged with misdemeanor battery. they are accused of stabbing a 24 year-old man in the back as he was walking in the 900 block of west belmont early yesterday, the victim was taken to advocate illinois masonic medical center in good condition. >> a motorcycle wreck and kills a man and woman who lost control of the motorcycle surely after 3:00 a.m. a 23 year-old died at the scene and a 26 year- old was pronounced dead at the hospital they were reportedly speeding. police are investigating whether another police officer was trying to stop them before the crash. an
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upset underage drivers and nine people to area hospitals including a child it happened just before 11 this morning, chicago police believe a 13 year-old girl stole her brothers suv and crashed into a car and a boss. the minivan driver told sean lewis that he did not know what hit him. >> did you see that car flypast do? >> yes in the moment everything was only two or three minutes. i don't know what happened exactly. >> three people were seriously injured, six others were listed in fair to serious condition fire officials say no one suffered injuries that are life threatening, no charges made public yet against the girl who cause the crash. indiana state
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employees get an unexpected bonus. >> but nationally the debt to the debate rages on, illinois senior suspends way in ahead. >> casey at the knee is a free woman casey anthony is a free woman tonight. 3q take the finish challenge. i'm robin sue joss and my website is big red kitchen. i do believe in standards. cascade gel was a disappointment because you have dried on food stains. but when i took the finish challenge i realized, i don't need to settle. i like to make roast beef and it leaves a lot of baked on grease. so i threw it in the dishwasher, i did not pre-rinse. but when i open the dishwasher everything was very shiny and no more gunk left on my dishes. i used to use cascade now i use finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free.
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>> after three years behind bars casey anthony is now a free woman. >> but what lies ahead.
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>> following her attorney and flanked by police officers, she walked out the front door of an orlando jail early sunday, journalists who were allowed to follow route describe how it all happened. >> is in as the chief walked in they both headed out and it was a 15 second shot, if i had believed i would have missed it, officials had more than one plan for the release and kept a close eye on the 1000 or so people gathered outside. many in the crowd find fault with the jury's verdict. >> i can't even imagine a mother would do this to her children, it tears me apart paired >> the 25 year-old was acquitted of murder and child neglect charges early this month in cayley's 2008 death. her
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skeletal remains were found in a field. this weekend not far from the at the home people glad gather at the side to remember a life cut short. zeit tobecause of fears for her safety anthony's legal team is not releasing her whereabouts, there has been speculation that she might try to cash in on her story or alter her appearance to try to lead a normal life. >> a victim in the whiting phone hacking scandal that toppled one of britain's biggest newspapers, this time is london's chief of police. stevenson claim t behave ethically but is resigning because the investigation would overburden at scotland yard. earlier london police and arrested the former news of the world editor rebecca brooks
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suspected of conspiring to intercept a communication and bribing police for information brooks says she is cooperating with police. it comes to days before rupert murdoch and his son are to testify on the case here in the u.s. the fbi is looking at whether 911 victims or their families were also hacking targets by murdoch's paper appeared >> the white house congressional leaders made little progress on a deal to raise the debt ceiling, the wall street journal reports that president barack obama and congressional leaders are trying to come up with a deficit reduction plan that would win enough support for lawmakers to also raise the borrowing limit without a deal by august 2nd the u.s. might begin defaulting on its obligations. >> we called into question for the first time in our history interest rates will go up, this recession will get worse and we will lose jobs and businesses
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will fail. >> we are willing to give the president an increase in the debt limit. but senator durban and 20 other democrats and the senate are on record supporting the balanced budget amendment and that is a place that we have to get to. >> house republicans are moving ahead with a vote next week on a plan to cut and cap spending, it would make raising the debt ceiling contingent on congress passing a balanced budget amendment to the constitution. >> thousands of state employees and indiana will get a pleasant surprise in their paycheck, the state is giving 24,000 workers a performance based bonus from 500-$1,000. gov mitch daniels says it is a thank-you to workers who have helped the state save money and cut corners. >> we measure everything and we see continued excellent service and the employees getting the biggest rewards are those of
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turned and the strongest performance in serving the public. >> no one is complaining about the bonuses because indiana is one of a few states that is not facing a budget deficit. the state closed the year with a $1.2 billion surplus. >> conflicting reports about the health of housing mubarak he suffered a stroke and is in it, but hospital officials claim that he has come out of a coma after suffering a sudden loss of blood pressure today. the 83 year-old former leader is scheduled to go into trial this month on charges of killing protesters. many egyptians have questioned his illness and they see it as a stalling tactic for the army to avoid putting mubarak on trial. chicago mayor rahm emanuel opens up about his ideas to change things up at to the taste of chicago. and a new casino is ready to roll in some
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flames take a look inside rivers casino ahead in its grand opening tomorrow.
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and now new and improved febreze fabric refresher with up to two times the odor elimination so you can breathe happy guaranteed. it was a red carpet night in the northwestern suburbs tonight celebrities and vips got a sneak peek at illinois newest casino. that is actor jim belushi entertaining the crowd at the river's casino, hundreds of people filled the casino tonight to get first crack at the new
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tables in games and they had a chance to feast on the food, a large buffet and several high- end restaurants and 44,000 sq. ft. facility. midwest gaming spent $445 million on the casino which will add hundreds of jobs to the area, the casino officially opens tomorrow. >> mayor rahm emanuel is vowing to reinvent taste of chicago attendance at the food festival dropped to 2.3 5 million this year and that is the lowest number in 25 years. on most nights the taste closed earlier than in past years in a cost- saving move the popular july 3rd fireworks show was eliminated. emanuel is asking the chicago parks to do an in-depth analysis to determine if there's a different way to conduct the festival. you're alive illinois lottery drawing is coming up next. >> jim ramsey says our monday morning could feel a lot like
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last week's stormy start more on that and the rest of the steamy workweek. >> coming up on instant replay, the action is overseas, a dramatic finish at the world cup. at the british (clark had said battled the wind, rain into the rest of the fields. the cubs are burned by a bad call at wrigley while the white sox lead in detroit. dan roan wraps up the black caucus convention. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] when you smile, the world smiles back. introducing crest 3d white enamel renewal toothpaste.
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[ twig snaps ] that sounded like the chocobeast. he likes to sink his fangs into people who steal chocolate mousse temptations. aaah! [ all scream ] nice job, chocobeast! [ male announcer ] decadent chocolate mousse temptations. it's jell-o for adults. it looks like we're in the long run with this heat and humidity across the area, we may get temporary relief tomorrow. the storm prediction area has the possibility for severe storms. we could hear thunder rattling at about six or seven in the morning. a hazy day across the
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lake front, a lot of humanity in the atmosphere and that was the concern as soon as 2 points rose to 70 degrees it was going to feel unusually muggy in chicago and that in fact is what we experienced today and temperatures soared up to the mid-90s, take a gander at all of the 90's throughout the nation's midsection, it was difficult to find any spot in the country you could cool off unless it was the specific north and west. west. these are the excessive heat warnings in t advisory's that continue in effect throughout much of the plains and midwest here in chicago today was an air pollution act day in which people with respiratory issues should probably have limited outdoor activities. it is still
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hot out there. do. temperatures are still above 70 degrees in many locations so it will continue to be muggy tonight and you will wake up to a warm start to the day tomorrow. winds coming of the south and southwest, wind speed and not particularly impressive about 10-12 mi. per hour. 8 tornadic reports, some damage apparently and in a wisconsin some storms and flash flooding occurring with storms. it is possible chicago could get in on some of this and our computer models are suggesting as much first of all in the morning and again in the afternoon, some rain or thunderstorms are possible. beyond that there's not much happening. here's our forecast:
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partly cloudy and a late storm is possible, look for low temperatures between 75-8087 to 93 degree highs. tuesday thunderstorms again could help temperatures a bit but if we don't get the storms at 5 degrees to those numbers. it looks like the hottest day of the week is going to be thursday with temperatures rising into the upper 90s some areas especially in the south suburbs may even have 100 but it will be hot saturday and sunday we drop the numbers of little bit because of the possibility of storms that if the storms do not occur you are looking at mid nineties. with this is going to be one heck of a hot week,
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>>the first tropical storm of the season formed today in florida. we will continue to watch it. >> going the extra mile, we will talk about of veterans heroic efforts to save the bald eagle. [ female announcer ] o is for olive, who lacked self-control. she took mommy's temptations... ♪ ♪ she's polishing coal. ♪ ♪ new temptations, it's the first jell-o that's just for adults. look, we've all dealt with the itching of athlete's foot. i can't just wash it away. killing it takes clinical strength. i only use lotrimin ultra. its powerful formula can even cure severe cases of athlete's foot. nothing cures better. lotrimin ultra. the killer cure. ♪ mmm. oh gosh. oh dear. big deal. you're delicious. so what.
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the chicago police memorial foundation hosted a ride along the lakefront today to support the annual paddle for the police. to help our befallen officers the fall of the lakefront bike path the ride is held in conjunction with the cops who cycle across illinois. >> it looks more lthe third annual windy city bridge fest. featured a wide array of local and national... and plenty of live music over the three weekend.
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rib eaters were able to vote for their favorite ribs. >> the final chapter in the side of a boy that set new records at the box office. ciba do i even need to say the title? harry potter and the deathly hallows broughton $268 million in ticket sales this weekend. here are some of the other box office winners. 3q i'm robin sue joss. i like to make roast beef and it leaves a lot of baked on grease. when i took the finish challenge i open the dishwasher, everything was very shiny. i used to use cascade now i use finish quantum. take the finish challenge for yourself. if you don't see a difference, it's free. -dad, why are you getting that? -that's
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flying high again soon. anson replay with rich king is coming up next. have a good night everyone.
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